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Plastik Goodies is a Design Agency that creates the next generation of brands, businesses and experiences for people. Exploration through collaboration sits at the heart of our design process and we strive to create timeless work that surprises.

But hey, dont just take our word for it!

Red Bull

Dominique Brion - marketing

Together we managed to make a "one hit wonder" happen over and over again.


Gilles De Backer - CEO

Beyond the positive effects on our visual branding and marketing, Plastik Goodies has become an irreplaceable part of our company voice.


Pieter-Jan Bocquart - marketing

These guys really understand people and are able to create emotional work that hits you in the gut. Always on-brand, of course.


Jens Ruyskesvelde - Marketing

The outcome has been absolutely beatufil. We're so thankful to have Plastik Goodies as a partner on such a transformational journey.

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